Freedom, coffee and snowflakes

Freedom, coffee and snowflakes

Last week, my proposed coffee packaging was rejected by Montana Coffee Traders up in Whitefish, MT.  It seems the old firearms colloquialism "Don't go off half cocked" is offensive.  I even forwarded the Wiktionary link explaining the source and meaning of the term.  Apparently, (what I get from their rejection) all they see is the word "cock".  (Seriously people, get your minds out of the gutter.)

They have the freedom to reject my historically justified packaging, and I have the freedom to tell the story and never deal with them again.

They have the freedom to be closed (and quite possibly dirty) minded and the freedom to not be 2A friendly or support a veteran cause.  I have the freedom to believe in what we're doing shop my label elsewhere.

They have the freedom to spend their lives doing their damned-est to not offend anyone (by the way, you've blown that, as I AM offended).

I have the freedom to create a Safe Space Blend just for them.  Don't leave home without it. It's like rose-colored glasses and a velvety smooth magical buffering blanket in a cup, made with pure, imported mountain snowflakes, and a mellow, rainbow finish.

Here's the offending label:

Horrible, isn't it.

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All I can say is, “THEIR LOSS!”

Ellen Heairld

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