"Associate with men of good quality"

"Associate with men of good quality"

This year has been unbelievably BOMBER so far, from the starting gun of the Made in Montana Tradeshow to right now at the halfway point. (Christmas season is the homestretch.)

I have had many, many opportunities to work with some amazing people I'd never met or heard of before - the new metal guy cutting my Montanas down in Bozeman (hell yeah!), the VFOB crew, the #livemontana program put on by the state, so many new vendors I met and forged new relationships with at the Tradeshow.

Part of the fun of this business is the marketing, the mingling and the cooperative mindset.  I have found that many people and their businesses are more than willing to share advice and knowledge.  I love that now that's it's not "my first rodeo", I can share information that will help others starting out.  I love that it's not a competition, it's more of a collaboration.

I love donating to organizations for silent auctions and benefits and meeting the people behind the benefit - the ones who truly believe in their cause and work hard to make the world a better place for others.  Some are individuals, some are large non-profits.

I learned long ago that I will become better if I surround myself with those who fight to be the best and have high standards; conversely I will stagnate if I surround myself with the unmotivated (and we don't have much in common).  

I am associating with men of good quality, and by doing that am making myself and my business better every day.


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