Adversity is NOT a four-letter-word

Yowza how time flies!  I've been thinking about the title phrase for a looooooong time now.  I won't lie - it's been rough figuring out how to keep all my landscape clients happy, build this jewelry business, play office assistant/accountant for my husband's construction business and not lose my mind.

(Side note - I may have lost said mind at least temporarily at times)

What it all boils down to is the classic saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".  I would add however, that if you get stronger and it doesn't kill you, you should get smarter too.

I got smarter about saying NO.  No is also not a four-letter-word, although a lot of us treat it that way.  I should have said NO much more often this summer and much sooner; instead I held on to that tragic belief that I could do it all.  And I failed a time or two.  

This situationally-induced and self-fulfilling summer of adversity was all mine.  I brought it upon myself, stayed in it for way too long and bitched/moaned for short periods of time.  In between the bouts of bitching, I would (again) realize that these are growing pains.  Learning opportunities.  Not God inflicting his wrath upon me (I'm certain he has better things to do), but simply a chance to do better.

And so, this fall, older and wiser than I was this summer, I dive headlong into tackling a Christmas retail show in Vegas.

Maybe I didn't learn a damn thing at all.  Or maybe I just thrive on adversity.

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