Go Big or Go Home

For the of you who follow Badass Babe on Facebook, you already know about the Made in Montana Tradeshow and what a success it was!

With 20 new wholesale accounts around the state now, my biggest fear is losing the small-town hands-on feel that I love so much about running my own small business. Selling more is great, but with that comes change and an added responsibility - to ship the same quality product in greater volume, to still cater to special orders, to offer fantastic customer service and to find the time to do it all, while still having a good time and enjoying what I do.  I can't do it all alone anymore - now my brass is cut by a small business in Hungry Horse called Kiss My Brass, which helps a lot with production time.  It's fun, it's amazing and it's scary all at the same time. I love it.

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