I'm So Much Cooler Online

I'm So Much Cooler Online

A humbling dose of reality yesterday - I kind of suck at defensive pistol matches.  Granted, yesterday was only my second one, but I came in dead last.  LAST.  Ouch.  For a competitive, it's-never-good-enough kind of person like me, this is incredibly painful.

I mean, I do shoot.  We go out with our steel targets and practice with all our pistols.  I'm a dead eye when there's no class staring at me, no pressure and all the time in the world to make a good shot.  I'm good with a rifle, even without a rest when hunting.  I can drop a buck at 100-200 yards (I'm no long range shooter yet either) with a perfectly placed shot.  

What it comes down to is being comfortable and getting stuck in an "I'm awesome when I keep doing only the stuff I'm awesome at" rut.  Getting out and doing new things can be ego-crushing.  (I started training for a high elevation 28K mountain run, and it turns out I suck at running uphill right now too).  But the thing is, if I really want to do these things, and I really want to be good at them, all I have to do is learn and train.  Put the time in.  And I will improve.  I run 5 or 6 nights a week now, and I'm starting to suck less at running uphill.  If I spend more time shooting and get more training, I will become a better shooter.

It's hard to suck, and it's hard to be uncool and un-badass, but the only other option is to stagnate, to stop doing the work and thereby fail.

Which is not really an option at all.

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